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How to Buy Diamonds Easily

The love issue between women and diamonds is for a fact no secret. Some women even refuse to get married whereas a diamond ring hasn't been presented during the proposal. I have also heard of cases where couples have broken up just because the guy was not in pursuit of getting his spouse a rose gold engagement ring. Some people even forget its worth, diamond is a costly jewel you know.


Well, this can be blamed on the many reputable jewelry stores that highly market and campaign about how diamond acts as a perfect symbol of love and how it's the ultimate symbol that can make a relationship last forever. You could also sell the diamond sellers for filling our women with ideas like if their man does not get them a diamond ring he probably doesn't love her as much. This in some sense puts pressure on guys as they have to work extra harder to get this diamond rings for their women. I once heard someone say that he'd get his bank account to zero just as to get the perfect halo engagement ring for his fiance. That's when I realized just how serious this love for diamond is.


Come to think of it though, the features of this stone alone guarantees its worth. First of all, this stone has four main elements that ascertain its price. Its clarity, color, its cut and lastly its carat. The diamonds cut is what covers the biggest part of its pricing. It accounts for about twenty-five to fifty percent of the cost. The carat comes in second ranging from ten to twenty percent and third comes the color which ranges from ten to fifteen percent. The value of the gemstone is what matters. So for those who are so much into the value could probably go after the highest not put much emphasis on the weight.


Moreover, among these main features it is advisable to spend and concentrate more on the cut of the diamond, after all, isn't this the reason why we get the diamonds? Another significant measure of quality would be the color.  The best color for a diamond would be bright or white. When getting a diamond, it is also essential to consider if it has flaws. Yes! You better look into that and very seriously. Try getting diamonds that are clean mostly referred to as "eye clean." Eye clean stones appear to be

flawless even when you look directly through it. 


Lastly, you should make sure that you ask for the diamond's certificate once you purchase it. It is of great importance that you get a diamond that is conflict-free. Failing to obtain certification of the jewel could as well mean that the diamond is worth nothing. Also get the certification that proofs that the diamond in question was rated accurately.